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converse chuck taylor[

The images provided above appear to show three different versions of cdg converse the Chuck Taylor Low getting the collaborative treatment. One of the pairs comes in black, the second pair comes in gold pinstripes while the last pair opts to go with a silver pinstripe look. No further information had been provided but as soon as it s available we will have it for you.Converse is set to release a pretty sweet spring/summer collection as they have teamed up with Hancock to bring you a few pairs of the Converse Jack Purcell Rally that are sure to withstand whatever nature throws at them.The classic Jack Purcell Rally receives the rainproof treatment by rocking a single layer of vulcanized canvas with a cured rubber overlay. All three pairs will come with Hancock s signature

The Converse Cons One Star Pro has been around since the 70s. That s quite some time huh? Converse thought it was time to modernize and update the look of the Converse Cons One Star Pro by giving it a vintage suede upper, revamping the entire image of the shoe. Let s see what this new Converse Cons One Star Pro has to offer.The Converse Cons One Star Pro will feature a light build and feel, with a black converse Lunarlon sock liner providing extra comfort and cushioning. Coming in two different colorways, you can either go with the black suede upper or the yellow suede upper.The sole unite comes in white accented by a black stripe going through it. Tonal laces as well of contrast branding are found on the side panels.

Who s got that kind of money to blow??KicksonFire App Opinion: Did You Strike converse sneakers Out On The Latest Sneaker Releases? It s Okay, It s Not That Serious May 28, 2015 I d like to think that I ve always been in the loop when it came to the sneaker world and culture. I didn t really start enjoying and appreciating shoes until after I graduated from college, but I managed to catch on rather quickly when it came to understanding and learning the back stories of sneaker brands and shoes. But it was only until I began working for Kicks On Fire that I realized how crazy and complex the sneaker world is when it comes to sneaker releases and the amount of shoes that come out every single day.One of my responsibilities as a

Don t get me wrong, to many sneaker enthusiasts, shoes are not a trend but more of high top converse a lifestyle or extension of who they are. But those people hopping on the bandwagon because it s cool are one of the reasons we have as many releases and options as we do.So what do you do now? Did you miss out on the Air Jordan 11 Low that dropped last weekend? Do you get mad? Did you throw a fit on twitter and go HAM on the usage of angry emojis? I hope not. Relax, take a deep breath, and say to yourself, On to the next one .In other words,it s not that serious!Like everything in life, you re not always going to get your way or get what you want. That s just a part of life. Albeit, it may not be a good feeling, but that s just the way it is.

The nice thing about life is that tomorrow is another day and you start all over, just like in the sneaker world, tomorrow is a new day that brings new releases!Take for example that Air  Jordan 11 Low that you desperately needed. The release date has come and gone, and guess what, some of you still don t have that shoe that you desperately needed. You wanted this shoe soooo bad, you needed it in your collection , but the sneaker gods didn t come through. Damn. Did you survive the disappointment? Of course you did. Nothing has changed! You keep it moving. Let me tell you why.NikeThe beauty of it all, is that down the line there will be another release or announcement about a shoe release that you never thought you would

Ladies I know some of you bust out the sneakers too, shame on you too). So here are 10 Sneakers That SHOULD NOT Be Worn To Prom. I hope you get a nice laugh out converse one star of this list and I apologize if you ve seen somebody rock these on the dance floor.1Nike Air Max 1 Liquid Metal Pack NikeWearing anything gold/silver/shiny on your suit or dress is already considered kind of strange. It just looks like you re trying to attract all of the attention to yourself. And if that s the case, these Air Maxes will have you looking like some walking confetti.2Nike LeBron 10 EXT Cork Modern NotorietyI understand that prom is a time for celebration, and I hope none of you converse one star are partaking in any underage drinking, but just because these



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